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As Garlex we manufacture and supply cosmetics, herbal products, herbals, shampoos, hair care products, hair serums, creams, foot care products, masks, sprays, garlic shampoos, skin care products, spirulina kaolin masks, spirulina masks, kaolin masks, hair care serums, intense care shampoos, carob shampoos, garlic carob shampoos, garlic oat shampoos, garlic nigella shampoos, garlic almond shampoos, garlic pine terebentine shampoos, garlic olive oil shampoos, hair care lotions, anti acne masks, anti-aging masks, anti-stain masks, anti-wrinkle masks, pores minimizer masks, smoothing masks, foot anti-odors, shoes anti-odors, hair shampoos, shower shampoos, hair shampoos for horoscope, shower shampoos for horoscope, hair care products by blood type, skin care products by blood type, body care products by blood type, cosmetic, herbal product, herbal, shampoo, hair care product, hair serum, cream, foot care product, mask, spray, garlic shampoo, skin care product, spirulina kaolin mask, spirulina mask, kaolin mask, hair care serum, intense care shampoo, carob shampoo, garlic carob shampoo, garlic oat shampoo, garlic nigella shampoo, garlic almond shampoo, garlic pine terebentine shampoo, garlic olive oil shampoo, hair care lotion, anti acne mask, anti-aging mask, anti-stain mask, anti-wrinkle mask, pores minimizer mask... Atik Foreign Trade is a young company started in 2009 about natural products. Established by young entrepreneurs Garlex® started off to present high quality and economic products satisfying our customers. The company targets to be one of the leading companies in the sector. We will continue to work on new products and we will be at your service with our ever-increasing range of products. And we develop products that are unprecedented in the marketplace for our valued customers. We will soon be serving you in turn. Garlex® is a registered trademark of Garlex Natural Products.

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